Request - Dark theme with in-focus window highlighting



I am currently using Vertex-Maia-Dark and really like it… except when there are several windows open, it is really hard to tell which window has focus.

Yes the font in the title bar gets a little brighter, but it really isn’t enough of a distinction. More than once I’ve tried to close a window by clicking the x in the corner only to find that I’ve actually closed a different window.

How about inverting the colours where the window controls are or make the whole title bar become lighter, or some other change so that it is easy to tell at a glance which window has focus?


I had to swtich away from that theme for precisely the same reason.

Then I decided to hack Maia-dark a little bit: Go to Settings / Colors,
select maia dark,
Then click Edit Scheme.
Then select the Colors tab.
Scroll to the element you want to change, (I chose inactive title)
Then click the Color Swatch to change it. (I just added a small amount of green tint)

Then Save-AS, and give a new name - I used Maia-dark-hacked.
Don’t forget to select and apply the new name as you exit back out the way you came.

Expect a couple trials till you are happy.


Thanks, but that seems like a KDE only thing. Or maybe I’m blind and can’t find it in Xfce.

That would be exactly what I’m looking for.


Well there has to be an equivalent XFCE thing hiding somewhere.
Maybe uncle google knows? I would be guessing.


So far, no. He just keeps trying to touch me inappropriately.

Maybe one of the @Maintainers knows?


…yes, I solved this for me with a custom xfwm4 made from axiom. It has a nice, thin, light boarder.
Also you can change opacity for active and inactive windows.


Slightly off-topic:

Where did you get your application menu icon? That looks neat~


and quadratic