Request App update and request App in repo buttons for Pamac App Store


The subject says it all.

“Request for app update” and “Request for an app” buttons for Pamac App Store.

reasoning: SOme apps are outdated and some of them are not or not correctly working this way and requesting update works only by “insiders” within forum. And some or many really good apps are not available from official repo and I dont even see the way to request them. Like the STANDARD NOTES app which is the best ever with Android/Mac/Win/Web sync and encryption etc.

Did you even search?

You mean this?

Yes I did search here on the forum and within the App Store (PAMAC) app too. Here at the forum I have found “Request updates” for AUR apps and for “Official rep apps” threads and I posted in one of them for an update request. This is why I wrote this request here.

Checked Flatpack, Snap, AUR and Manjaro Official repos. This app (Standar Notes) is available only from the AUR and Snaps (and Appimage from developer). First I downloaded the Snaps as I am scared of AUR, than later on I Timeshifted my PC to get rid of the Snap install and installed the AUR version because another forum member rather recommended the AUR version (and to avoid Snaps if possible).

This is a bad idea.

  1. AUR has nothing to do with Manjaro - it is users own responsibility
  2. 98% of the packages in Manjaro repo is synced from Arch Linux and those packages follow Arch release
  3. Some packages - e.g. openbox window manager - is rarely changed
  4. There is no infrastructure to handle those requests
  5. There is no manpower to handle the request and as such the option would raise expectations which cannot be honored by the members which provide voluntary time.