[Request] Add instructions to create a Samba password for a user


I helped someone to troubleshoot an issue with Samba. It has been found out that he couldn’t authenticate with his user account because he didn’t create a Samba password. The documentation on Manjaro wiki lacks a step that is pretty important to be able to connect to a share with a user account: creating a Samba password.

I suggest the addition of the following content at the end of the page.

Authenticate as a user to access to a share

In order to be able to access to a share hosted on your machine as a particular user, you will need to create a Samba password for that user. To create a Samba password for <username>, enter the following command on the machine that runs the Samba server:

sudo smbpasswd -a <username>

For example, if you want to create a password for a user called foo, enter:

sudo smbpasswd -a foo

Once it is done, you’ll be able to access to a share from another computer as a particular user with the following credentials:

  • Username = The username used for the Manjaro Linux account of that user;
  • Password = The Samba password used for that user.

If you want to change the Samba password of that user, enter:

sudo smbpasswd <username>

Also, it could be good to add the article from Arch Wiki as a reference at the end of this page for additional technical information about Samba.


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