Request about Pamac signaling available updates

it would be nice if Pamac turned to red or something when there are available updates.
the little orange/yellow dot is hard to notice.(maybe just for me)

It turns red for me with a massive exclamation mark in the middle when there’s an update available

maybe it’s different between desktop environments.
in octopi or synaptic it’s pretty clear to me when there are available updates.

And then you should use pacman -Syyu on console to update your system.

You could enable ‘Hide tray icon when no update available’ in preferences. Then the icon appearing in the system tray would be more noticeable than a small change to an icon that’s always there?


The notification icon depends on your selected icon theme.


On KDE using the papirus icon theme it’s just a little white shield with a small blue dot when updates are available. I usually notice it. But I remember when I was using Octopi it was really in your face when updates were available by blinking the red octopus icon which I found was a little too much.

Also, I’m probably a little pedantic but lately when you mouse over the icon it shows something like “123 available update” which is bad English. It should be “123 available updates” (plural). I don’t know if it’s just a KDE thing only or not.

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