Report on investigative work into Manjaro Desktops & WMs: where shall I post it ?

I have almost finished an investigation involving a performance comparison of lightweight MJ Desktops & WMs on a single-core Intel Atom Samsung netbook. It includes a summary table of data - some interesting & unexpected results ...

Thinking ahead, where is the best place to post this work: in the MJ-Wiki or in the 'Discussion' part of the MJ-forum ?

Many thanks for your help :sunglasses:


I'd say here, it'd probably get more eyeballs and allow for discussion of the results.

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If you are basically doing a review comparing different desktop environments, and stand alone window managers that are available in the Manjaro repositories, and/or pre-assembled on an ISO for you, then I would recommend your own site, and/or blog space (like wordpress). A forum or wiki is no place for lengthy reviews, and/or reports to be posted.. I even get upset with myself when I'm forced to repeatedly post tutorials on things like the best way to install brother printer drivers, or the proper way to install hplip plug-ins (hint, it's not via the AUR).


Many thanks for your reply - much appreciated.
It's not a lengthy review: just a 6 to 10 line summary and a table of data (spreadsheet format) ...

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Then simply here in #general-discussion

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You may find the markdown table defines useful


| col-head-1 | col-head-2 | 
| --- | --- |
| data-col-1 - very long text data | date-col-2 another column of text data |


col-head-1 col-head-2
data-col-1 - very long text data date-col-2 another column of text data
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Many thanks - I think for now it might be a lot simpler to just post a screenshot of the spreadsheet - what you suggested could well be useful for another time - again many thanks

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Please use text - not screenshots.

While the screenshots may save you time - they are useless forum-wise.


does a spreadsheet containing nothing of searchable importance like logs and errors really need to be converted over to forum markup? @mikey777 took the time and even asked where is appropriate to post it. im sure the title and the post will explain what the table is for. :man_shrugging:

@mikey777 when i say "nothing of searchable importance" i dont mean the content inside os not important but rather that the description of it's content will explain and that description is searchable. i look forward to seeing it. :+1:


Please stop abbreviating Manjaro to "MJ" in every single topic you post. Thank you.

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I didn't know English language abbreviations weren't officially allowed on the forum, though I would've thought that given the context, 'MJ' was understood. However, thanks for pointing this out to me. I assume this applies to other abbreviations such as LOL, AFAIK, etc ..?

thanks for clarifying - much appreciated :sunglasses:

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Abbreviations are for multi words or names:
MJ - Michael Jackson
MJ - Mick Jagger
LOL - Laugh Out Loud
Manjaro is one word/name, not Man Jaro :slight_smile:


Many thanks for clarification :slightly_smiling_face:


The forums shouldn't be all that bad, if it's not too complex.
Otherwise reddit seems a nice throwaway place.

Anyway, assuming we are talking about that juicy N455 with GMA3150 graphics, if you are motivated, you could check whether GL2.0 bugs have been now fixed (somehow), of it was still a good move to disable emulated extensions.

EDIT: follow here Single-core Intel Atom Netbook (investigation) 1: What’s the best Manjaro Desktop or Window Manager ?

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