Report of battery capacity of game controller has disparity between bluetooth connection vs. wired connection

Hello there. For starter I’m using the latest Manjaro Gnome 42 installation with every package updated to latest on Stable branch.

Recently I bought a Sony Dualshock 4 for gaming but then the controller ran out of battery so I plug it in with the USB cable into my USB port. I noticed that the battery report from wired connection is different from bluetooth connection. In the Power section in Settings, if I plug my controller in the USB port, right now after 3hrs of charing it reports 100%, it is fully charged. However when used with bluetooth connection the same number is reported as 85% instead.

I have tried checking the percentage with cat /sys/class/power_supply/controller_id/capacity as well and both connection report different battery capacity.

What’s going on here? Which one should I trust? I don’t have a PS4 console so I can’t check for sure if it is fully charged or not. If this a bug how can I fix it myself?

Looking forward to a definitive answer. Thank you.