Repo shows higher version than the one I have on my system

I was checking if there were any updates for Mesa drivers on the Arch repo website and I found that the latest was 21.1.1-1 but when I tried to update the package on my system it says the latest version is already installed and it is 21.0.3-3 I did a pacman -Syu it says the same.

what I am missing?

pacman output

warning: mesa-21.0.3-3 is up to date – reinstalling

You could try and sync the repo with your machine: pacman -Syyu.

I did this and it still says 21.0.3-3

repository : extra
Stable : 21.0.3-3
Testing : 21.1.1-0
Unstable : 21.1.1-1

See manjaro branch compare.

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This is not the same as Manjaro


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