[Repo Maintenance x32] 2018-04-14 - Getting the repos working again



You’ve probably already noticed that around a third of packages in the repos won’t validate due to an archlinux32 developer’s package signing key expiring.

This is fixed in the archlinux32 repos but because of our different repo setup the old signatures are still present for manjaro32.

To fix this I have to do something rather extreme - remove all upstream packages from the repos for all branches, then do a full re-sync.

This also means that the current unstable-testing-stable state will be reset.

Over the next few hours you might see packages “disappearing”. Don’t worry, they will be back. Eventually…

Keyring certificate errors

All sync-packages are now removed from our root server. We have to see how long it will take to get the repos back up again. Our overlay packages we still have stored, so our work can be restored all the time.


All branches now have working packages taken from archlinux32’s stable along with the overlay packages that were in x32-testing at this point:

Hopefully there won’t be any major issues but I’ll now re-start the unstable->testing->stable sync-snap process and get the Manjaro-specific packages up-to-date.


Thank you for the warning. Much appreciated. Will refresh my pacman 36 hours later to give you a chance to catch up. Thanks again.


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