Repo cleaning

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I added some fonts to the end of the list, some of them look like specific fonts for African, Indian o Middle East languages, these were added by @philm back in 2014, if they are actively used (and there are no alternatives available) it is a good idea to keep them since they are not on AUR.
(NOTE: I think ttf-lohit-fonts could be updated if you want to keep it.)

The others, added by @oberon in 2015, are more traditional fonts and are available on AUR, these could be easily dropped. Some of them are outdated in Manjaro repositories.

after reading archwiki here is improved meta pkg

# Maintainer: Stefano Capitani <>
# Maintainer: Philip Müller <>
# Maintainer: Roland Singer <>

arch=('i686' 'x86_64')


pkgver() {

    date +%Y%m%d

package_manjaro-alsa() {
	pkgdesc="manjaro ALSA support (Meta-PKG)"
	if [ "$CARCH" = "i686" ]; then
	elif [ "$CARCH" = "x86_64" ]; then

package_manjaro-pulse() {
	pkgdesc="manjaro Pulseaudio support (Meta-PKG)"
	if [ "$CARCH" = "i686" ]; then
	elif [ "$CARCH" = "x86_64" ]; then
	optdepends=('pavucontrol: A GTK volume control tool for PulseAudio'
                        'pulseaudio-equalizer-ladspa: A gui equalizer for pulseaudio'
                        'pasystray: pulseaudio system tray'
                        'paprefs: configuration dialog for pulseaudio'
                        'pulseaudio-ctl: Control PulseAudio volume from the shell or mapped to keyboard shortcuts')

package_manjaro-gstreamer() {
	pkgdesc="manjaro gstreamer support (Meta-PKG)"

package_manjaro-vaapi() {
	pkgdesc="manjaro VA-API support (Meta-PKG)"

package_manjaro-network() {
	pkgdesc="manjaro network support (Meta-PKG)"
	optdepends=('network-manager-applet: Applet for managing network connection'
                        'nm-tray: A pure QT NetworkManager front-end residing in panels'
                        'firewalld: Firewall daemon with D-Bus interface')

package_manjaro-connman() {
	pkgdesc="manjaro connman support (Meta-PKG)"
	optdepends=('cmst: A QT gui for connman'
                        'connman-gtk: a GTK gui for connman'
                        'qomui: A QT gui for vpn management'
                        'gufw: a GTK gui for Uncomplicated firewall'
                        'nx-firewall: kcm module for firewall')

package_manjaro-modem() {
	pkgdesc="manjaro modem support (Meta-PKG)"
	optdepends=('modem-manager-gui: A gui for modem manager'
                        'gpsd: GPS daemon and library to support USB/serial GPS devices')

package_manjaro-bluetooth() {
	pkgdesc="manjaro bluetooth support (Meta-PKG)"
	optdepends=('blueman: A gtk+ bluetooth manager'
                        'bluedevil: qt bluetooth frontend'
                        'blueberry: bluetooth configuration tool')

package_manjaro-printer() {
	pkgdesc="manjaro printer support (Meta-PKG)"
	optdepends=('system-config-printer: A gtk cups printer configuration tool and status applet'
                        'print-manager: A kde tool for managing print jobs and printers'
                        'xsane: gtk2 frontend for scanner'
                        'simple-scan: gtk3 frontend for scanner'
                        'skanlite: Image Scanning Application for KDE')

 package_manjaro-input() {
	pkgdesc="manjaro input support (Meta-PKG)"
	optdepends=('gestures: a minimal gtk+ gui for libinput-gesture'
                        'easystroke: control your desktop using mouse gesture'
                        'piper: GTK application to configure gaming mice'
                        'fancontrol-gui: Gui for fancontrol'
                        'fingerprint-gui: Application for fingerprint-based authentication, automatically support UPEK fingerprint readers with non-free library'
                        'plasma-thunderbolt: plasma integration for managing thunderbolt devices')

The list is the one in the first message, but the starting point is probably the table in the third message.
I guess that most of these packages are not a dependency of a common package, so you should know if they are included in your ISO. The fail-proof method is to install a fresh ISO and check if there is any of these packages installed.

Any update on the cleaning process @Ste74 ? :upside_down_face:
Feel free to modify the table in a more informative way to keep track of the work.

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Is it really needed to be removed from repositories?

Is it really needed at all ? I cant find anything that needs it and it doesnt exist in the Arch Repos or AUR ...

After answers in this thread - no :slight_smile:

The source for source used to build cower is not available any more. The more reason to remove it from the repo.

@Ste74 Please also take a look at manjaro-browser-settings.
This package is resetting the Firefox start page every time Firefox gets updated.

As Manjaro Hello is already providing the same links I would suggest to drop this package and remove it from the iso's.
In my case this is the first thing I remove on every Manjaro installation.
What do you think about it?

I agree with this. I think the FF branding is enough of a papercut for some to be annoying, while hello provides all the links and such. At best it just feels kind of redundant.

Ok i can look into this issue.. on my end never modified the start Page so i don t see this but now if a report exist we can investigate ..

I suggest the devtools package is removed as it is no longer maintained and are causing issues

Maybe the gitlab repo archived?

Its an unfair ask - how exactly would you put forward on something like a git structure to remove some packages while keeping others ? it may be possible due to gitlabs groups or something .. or maybe I am just not well versed ..

[how exactly do you orchestrate a pull request (by the way manjaro self-hosted gitlab doesnt really let you do this even in the faintest forms) to discontinue a package. or 2, or 3, in lieu of others, or them simply being deprecated? Where dou put the pull-request? In the ISO ? and hope it filters down ?]

Are you referring to the devtools package?

Just to be clear - I don't ask to delete it - just archived - and the package removed from repo. No need to be able to install devtools which has been replaced and now unsupported.

I happened to look at this because of your response - but most of what I say had to do with the 'manjaro branding of FF' for example. (which was the last response)
But also - how exactly one would deal with such things, and how valid such retort to 'handle it that way' is.

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Well - I see several reasons for doing some housekeeping.

  1. If the package exist because of a maintainer added it from AUR - then it promoted to Arch community.
  2. If a package is unmaintained - have become buggy
  3. If the package exist because a maintainer added it to an ISO - but now the package has been replaced - and become buggy
  4. Overlapping functionality - like the branding of browsers - which I personally hate :slight_smile: and the Hello application which has the links to web and forum.

I don't advocate to remove the sources - both github and gitlab is capable of archive - making read only - no issues, and merge requests are accepted.

To be fair - this is slightly cutting up 2 issues.
What I responded to is arguably OT until manjaro branding of browsers is considered unclean.
Until then, there isnt much to change there. But assuming such things would be amicable .. its not exactly like you can make a PR to discontinue or replace a package.

The list is gettings shorter... :wink:

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