Reply templates

I’ve been pondering doing making a plugin, or something for the forum to make replying to first posts easier. Sure, copying and pasting isn’t hard, but what is it could be even easier?

So I did had bit of a search. I don’t want to reinvent the wheel, ya know. I came across this:

My question:

Is it something that can work? Can we implement something like it, to give access to the functionality only to some people? The I know…everything club badge? Or something like it anyway.

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Put few essential How-tos somewhere on the top… and thick red border around. :stuck_out_tongue:
Or use auto-reply bot. (Nothing will help anyway.)

You got my vote for the templates plugin, it would be cool to have them to auto reply with a howto on the forum :wink:

But…only for some members? :thinking:
Maybe restrict it to Licensed badge on Manjaro Linux Forum owners? :wink:

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The active ones that reply a lot.

Sounds like a good idea.