Replacing the kernel version

In the process of trying to solve the problem with the network adapter, I installed the kernel 5.4.57-1 LTS. After that, after restarting the computer and loading the operating system from the new kernel, I tried to remove what was installed automatically on 5.7.14-1 during installation. Received a message that the deletion was successful. After that, after a reboot, the previous kernel is still installed. I tried to delete it again, a message appears that it was deleted successfully, but the kernel remains.

try sudo mhwd-kernel -r linux54 in a terminal and see if there are any errors there

checking dependencies …
error: unable to prepare transaction (unable to satisfy dependencies)
:: removing linux57 breaks dependency ‘linux57’ required by linux-latest
Снимок экрана от 2020-08-21 23.37.45

Remove linux-latest first.

Apologies for the stupid question, how to remove linux-latest first

sudo pacman -Rns linux-latest should do the trick


sudo pacman -R linux-latest should do that.

Edit: please run the command from @Termy


Thanks, all worked well

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