Replacing a Crostini container with a Manjaro Container on a Chromebook?


I like my Chromebook as well as my Manjaro Laptop. Recently Crostini landed on the Chromebook. Very nice. But …
I just read that it is possible to replace the Crostini Container with an Arch container, is it possible to do the same with a Manjaro Container?
I would only gamble on my AMD64 type of architecture, not on ARM.
If it works I would really like it, despite its limitations. It could come even closer to my ideal of having a chromebook for production-work and in it Manjaro for (limited) freedom to try and for those additional apps you always find you need.


As no such container exists at or elsewhere, then no.

But honestly … in this scenario, I dont really see why to not just use the Arch container.


How much does it take to create a container? And could it be “rolling”? Or would it just be static?
I’d rather steer clear of arch, because of the level of expertise required to keep it running. I appreciate Arch as the upstream source, but I would not want to try to install it or keep it running.


replace chrome os with manjaro then rather than limiting your freedom


I’d rather not. I prefer to have as little hardware as possible and outsource much of the tech admin. But good luck with your choices.