Replace steam-devices with community/game-devices-udev

What is this update about?
Replace steam-devices with community/game-devices-udev?
should I update?

Renamed package.



Did you check the known issues post:

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Why read a post when you can ask someone to read it for you? :laughing:

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Why read a book when there are devices that can read it to you?
Or better yet, watch or listen to the movie.. LOL :laughing:

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Or better yet, everything you know you learned on FOX News.

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As a conservative libertarian, I have hardly any other choices besides Fox News, One America News, Blaze TV, Newsmax, etc.

Now with that said, lets keep politics, etc. out of the discussion, shall we.

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You have my complete pity. What a horrible thing, to have only one viewport into a biased world.

I love discussing and support differences of opinion, ideals and viewpoints.
However, the same can not be said for many progressives.
Most of the liberals and progressives I know, and/or have come across, have a horrible tendency of shouting down, instead of listening, and debating, anyone with a difference of opinion, or idea.

Now, can we please move on, and get back on topic.
Your more than welcome to private message me if you wish to continue this discussion, but this is just not the right place for it. :wink:

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AJ, I apologize. I really took your post as "librarian,"a conservative (which I am) and Libertarian (not at this time) I am not. There was a redundancy my awkward mind didn't read right. My thoughts were, "Gee, this guy has only one channel to watch at the library?"

Too much :smoking: :smoking: :smoking: sigh.

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