Replace mutter with mutter-dynamic-buffering

Im trying to replace mutter with the AUR package mutter-dynamic-buffering. It’s a patch that enhances the speed of the Gnome desktop that makes it completely usable on my laptop (no lag!).

But no matter with what i try (pamac GUI and TUI, yay, pacman), it says i have to remove the entirety of the gnome-shell to install that patch.
If i try to remove mutter first to avoid the system complaining about it’s removal, it says i have to remove the shell.

I know it’s a security measure on Manjaro, but in this case is really annoying. Is there a workaround? Or can this patch be included on the Gnome edition?
Because in almost all cases it increases performance a lot, and the patch will be merged in a long time (Gnome 42.1 at least or 43).

I would open a Pamac issue including the transaction log.

mutter-dynamic-buffering provides mutter, so that’s the only package that should be removed in order for it to install.

This is what should happen (using yay):

==> Finished making: mutter-dynamic-buffering 41.5-1 (Sun 27 Mar 2022 08:21:34 PM MDT)
==> Cleaning up...
loading packages...
resolving dependencies...
looking for conflicting packages...
:: mutter-dynamic-buffering and mutter are in conflict. Remove mutter? [y/N]

There’s no need, i tried it again in the way you showed and it worked!
I don’t know why the first couple of times it complained, oh well, thanks a lot!!

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