Replace Faenza themes with Delft icon theme


the faenza icon theme is not maintained since long time.

The Delf icon theme, actively developed is a fork of faenza that has the propose to be the continuation of the defunct Faenza icon theme

It has no sense to maintain a defunct projet in our repos, if there is an actively developed fork, that looks pretty identical, available in many colors and also better than the original one

So, I think we can remove faenza-icon-theme , faenza-green-icon-theme , kdeicons-kfaenza , mate-icon-theme-faenza packages from our repos and add Delf icon theme as a much more valid replacement


If the Faenza themes still work then there's not much need to remove them - icons are icons, after all.

Is Faenza used by any Editions? Possibly the MATE edition?

If not then this may be a plain package request for delft-icon-theme.

Delft theme comes with lots of variants. Also a MATE variant:

I think is not smart to have two icons sets that have exactily the same look & feel, with the difference that the Delft icon theme is actively developed and maintained, so it has more new icon and more actions icons for the DEs.
Soon or later, even the icon themes becomes obsolete.

For example: I use the Evolvere con theme - Blue Folders Vivid Sunken Dark Light Fallback.
It's an icon theme unmantained since 2015.
I have periodically to work on it, because it misses some action icons that have another name in new updates of my DE (XFCE) and it misses some applications that I use.
So I have to create symslinks with mew names, grabbing the correct names studying an actively developed icon theme (I use papirus icon theme for do that), and I have to use Inkscape for create the icons that the theme miss.
Not all the user have the skills and the time for doing that.
An unsupported theme maybe could be good good for LTS distros, like Debian, bu not for rolling releases like Manjaro

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