Repeated memory leak (inkscape suspected, warn creatives on confirmation)

Over the past years I’ve noticed that my system slowly gets worse while inkscape is open.

This week takes the cake, its sucked up 90% of the RAM. Not even closing inkscape is giving it back, closing inkscape only seems to work half the time.

Leak seems to begin if i use the text tool in inkscape so I’m thinking its linked to tnat or fonts. Before using Manjaro I was experiencing this issue on Ubuntu, different hardware too.

I’d report toinkscape devs but my computer is so slow that I can barely browse the web, I’m going to restart my machine but before I do that maybe there’s an easy way to look at all this filled memory I have for clues? I had to type this in mousepad and paste it into the browser because the browser is so bad right now. If I don’t return after the reboot, the system probably died, try to go on without me, lol, I’ll likely be back in a few months (or years).

If anyone wants to try replicating it, put a bunch of text in a document, play with the boldness and alignment of text a bit, maybe the kerning too and just wait a few hours. My guess is you’ll see the RAM usage climb, and climb surprisingly quickly given the amount of text.

If someone replicates the issue we should put a small warning in pamac / pacman about it until the bug is fixed. We can warn “to avoid memory leak, don’t leave inkscape open for extended periods when text is in the document”.

I’d imagine the issue is flying under the radar because its not an easy problem to isolate, it may be only affecting creatives who may lack the skills or motivation to learn why linux performance degrades over time, maybe they just restart their PC a lot, etc etc.

Could you please provide the outputs of:

pacman -Qs inkscape
pacman -Qs inkscape-git

This is redundant. searching for inkscape will return inkscape-git.

Please provide logs.
Such as output from top or ps.
(ex: ps -eo pid,ppid,cmd,%mem,%cpu --sort=-%mem)
System info from inxi -Farz may be helpful as well.

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Yes. I had connection failure while still editing, and hadn’t returned to it. Thanks.

Hmm. Now its not happening. It’s a tempramental issue, maybe its triggered by something slightly different to what I thought, let’s hope the issue stays away for good.

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