Reopen topic!

i guys,
i realized that some topic close ( and

you need to reopen?

vlw fwi, Holmes :slight_smile:

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The one word game was ok. We could just start a new thread Calling it “playing association on words V2.0” ect. Other wise. Off topic is completely taken over with Cat memes. :smile_cat:


So true. Even locked threads can be viewed.

If a thread has been locked after 30 days of inactivity, it’s to not allow necro bumbing.

I can’t see why you would want to necro old threads like that. If a thread is not popular enough to stay alive on it’s own, it should die quietly. :slight_smile:


I agree but maybe after a month it can be found the “fix” for the described issue of a thread.
Or maybe someone would want to add something to a “general question” or poll.
I think it’s better the threads to stay unlocked, except if administrator for some reason wants the opposite.

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I guess you could flag down a moderator for that purpose.

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vlw fwi, Holmes :slight_smile:

I disagree.

Look at the folloing:
I opened up a thread about a kernel problem and every now and then one, two people post some news and sometimes useful hints about the problem.
If this kernel would be a LTS Kernel the topic would slowing down… but every time, a new fix is backported, a problem solved, somebody could want to post the news or a change in behavior…

So for me would be a good compromise to

  • re-open a thread if somebody wants to
    –> leading to work for the admins and maintainers
  • change the time to the lifetime of two kernel versions = roundabout 8 weeks

edit: topics in the following sections are closed automatically after 30 days:

  • off-topic
  • newbie corner
  • drivers
  • AUR
  • shibboleet
  • openRC
  • site feedback
  • Deutsch
  • other languages

topics in other sections are not automatically closed.

this enables necro bumping of old technical topics with similar problems or solutions.

@Holmes, if you want one of the topics you linked in your OP reopened (for 30 days), then please PM me.

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