Renovation of Manjaro Wiki

Why would I suggest something like that?

  • Media wiki design is not good.
  • The navigation is poor(specially translated page).
  • There is no editor option for editing a page.
  • Not support mobile.

You can see here all the wiki options.
In my opinion, we can change it with wikiJS. Because it continues to develop and open source. I tested it on heroku. It works well. Of course, it can be other options.

How do we move all pages on the current wiki?
We can create a subdirectory(like a and start to move all pages page by page(removing out of date page and info).

What do you think?


We are about to update our whole infrastruture of our servers. Also our Wiki is part of this. We are open on the software. Mobile support is a plus and mostly needed.

@oguzkagan maybe you lead the transfer to a new software and we work together on this.


It is okay for me. I would be glad to help the community :slight_smile:


I would love to help too!

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After building the server, pm you and we can work together.

I'd love that :blush:

I feel these points are not really correct...

There absolutely is mobile support on MediaWiki;,_tablets_and_responsive_design

Timeless is an example of a fresh looking skin with mobile support. There is also visual editor extension available.

And the project is under constant development.

The used MediaWiki is outdated, we can also simply update it. However some internals changed. Most likely keeping MediaWiki with the right option of themes might work also. Arch still has MediaWiki running. Also most know the workflow of the software ...

Thank you for the information. What I want to mention is The wiki needs to refresh.

Wiki.js does look nice. Its free, flexible, u can modify it yourself in case u have to, u can patch security issues or bugs on ur own.

2FA Support, may different editots to choose from, its available in many languages for users too.

Pretty much everything you could ever need for a Wiki.

Didn't have the time to look at it, but 36C3 featured this talk.

I am thinking of developing skin for mediawiki(I will share the git link here when I prepared a template). After that, I will re-built it with needed extensions(especially for easy translation, navigation). At the point, I need your suggestions for which extensions should be used. Thank you for your suggestions.

I also love it but information translation not traceable when the main information changed. Wikimedia extension helps to us with it.

Happy New Year to Y'all.

Do count me in :slight_smile:

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Step 1
I created a repo. It uses Mediawiki 1.34 version. I found extensions to easy our job and improve using the wiki. I'll start to work on Minerva Neue Skin. It looks me modern and user-friendly. It supports mobile(It needs less work. That means we reach faster new wiki.).

Step 2
Coming soon.


@oguzkagan Do you think we can get a single sign on from forum to wiki in the future?

Probably not as there is a good reason that having a forum account doesn't automatically give you access to the wiki. To have SSO and prevent vandalism would require all accounts to have the access disabled by default, at which point you aren't really saving much in the way of effort compared to creating an account when a user needs it.

It does not. as users would have to belong to wiki usergroup, is easier to have single sign on and move user to a usergroup that manually create an account from scratch on a different platform.

Well you are on the team, so you likely know more than me. But from my understanding the forum and wiki are separate infrastructure currently and you would need to put the work in for them to share a userbase. If the work required is worth the small amount of time saved compared to creating an account is up to those working on it I suppose.

I am not sure but the three extension might help to us:
I am going to try locally to connect discourse and mediawiki.

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