Rendering Hebrew in Tk

Hello. I’m using KDE and attempting to display Hebrew in Tk. If I do not programmatically set a font family in the Tcl code, the Hebrew renders with properly positioned vowel points and cantillation marks, apart from needing to be reversed; but it is a very rounded-shaped font. However, if a font family is set, then the vowel points are treated as separate characters and display after the consonants.

I installed the recommended font of SBL Hebrew from the tanach web site and it appears in the system settings.

Is there something else that needs to be done in Manjaro settings to get the multi-byte characters to render properly or is this just a Tk issue?

Thank you.

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I have searched my python notes. And I have set the following article: bidi rendering
Tk GUI toolkit unfortunately has no support for bidirectional languages.

Thank you, I read that, too, and also some items on the Google groups thing they use. Although there is not bidi rendering, some said Hebrew or other RTL languages should still be able to be displayed but on some OSs would need to be reversed.

I tried to post example images of the different cases are rendered, but it won’t let me submit the post.

My reason for asking is that, if the mutli-bytes are recognized and rendered as a single characters in one case and not the other, it may not be only a Tk issue but something I did wrong installing the font?

Anyway, I don’t mean to make this a Tk rather than a Manjaro question. Thanks.