Removing unnecessary packages in Manjaro-Plasma

What software comes standard on Manjaro-Plasma that I don’t need, so I can remove it and have no problems with the machine? I see to many that I don’t need (like Kget, Konversation, Kwalletmanager, Sofware Token, ).

In Pamac UI you can visualize what software requires the package you want to remove, see the dependency chain, and if is not required by anything, nor by you, you can safely remove it. You can also check the KDE Applications group and always take decisions informed.

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Thanks, nice. I gonna try it. But, theres some way to make a clean install? (I mean, a Manjaro-Plasma install without packages that I don’t want and don’t need)

There is the minimal ISO which contains far less packages. To have fully custom install there was Manjaro Architect but it is discontinued as far as I know.


@omano thanks u so much :star_struck: .

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