Removing python-vfs breaks dependency 'python-vfs'

Can anyone help me?
First i could not update bottles-git because of this message

removing python-vfs breaks dependency 'python-vfs' required by bottles-git

Now i tried to remove it (sudo pacman -R pyhton-vfs) → Same message

Well … That AUR package will be renamed because has to be FVS and not VFS AUR (en) - python-vfs see the comment and see the source GitHub - mirkobrombin/FVS: File Versioning System with hash comparison, deduplication and data storage to create unlinked states that can be deleted

@Lolix - might take a look at it soon.


Remove bottles-git first, then remove python-vfs. Then install them both again.


I think that would be best, also i think the deps for it changed and the python-vfs or python-fvs might not be required at all.


And if it is required, then reinstalling bottles-git should normally pull it in as a dependency anyway. :wink:


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