Removing Kernel-Alive (AUR) showed some errors

I just saw today that Kernel-Alive must be removed from official repo’s or something, after i was looking again under Foreign Packages.

I did depency check and it was clear to remove, but after i clicked on pamac apply to remove, i saw some errors in the log.

Checking dependencies...
Running pre-transaction hooks...
Remove systemd service to restore linux kernel modules
Failed to disable unit: Unit file linux-modules-cleanup.service does not exist.
Error: command failed to execute correctly
Removing kernel-alive (0.5.1-1)...
Transaction successfully finished.

Are this removal error’s normal for this package?

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Let us say that if a file has been removed by other means - then pacman will throw a message - in this case I assume has completed succesfully.


Well after a restart i couldn’t see additional errors in journal, so besides the errors in pamac.log, everything is fine. :saluting_face:

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