Removing Evolution from Gnome 3.36

Hi all,
I just upgraded Gnome 3.34 to Gnome 3.36 from the testing branch. I noticed in an OMGUbuntu article that Evolution had been replaced by Geary & Gnome Calendar. However, I also see that Evolution is still part of the Manjaro distro--great job on the distro, by the way. I was wondering if there was any way to remove Evolution from Gnome 3.36? Thanks.

gnome-calendar requires evolution-data-server, but that is all I have installed.

Try to remove each package and see what it complains about.

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@Ste74 do you think we should make the switch too? I think gnome-calendar + geary is better than evolution


I totally agree. :slight_smile:

Hi xircon,
I tried removing both the packages you mentioned and the system said they were needed by Gnome Calendar, something about ICS file imports, so I didn't remove them. I also noticed, through the Gnome System Monitor, that Evolution occupies just under 50MB of memory space, which is quite a bit less than it used to. I can live with that. Thanks for the response.

Ave Chrysostomus,
Yes, I think you should make the switch. I think Evolution is better suited to business/enterprise use, not the average Linux user or Linux power user. Geary has a nice interface and works quite well, and Calendar is great, I use it all the time in conjunction with Google; they work well together.

By the way, did you know that your name in Greek means "golden mouthed"? Check it out.

I know, it is part of the reason I chose this pseudonym. I strive to be diblomatic in my communications.

We can reconsider that.. evolution is a PIM program ( Personal Information Manager ) and have native integration with exchange protocol.. geary plus claendar ( not depends ) are like thunderbird plus lighting.. So for personal use i think is sufficient..
I don't know: how many people use exchange or at last the PIM function?

I tried using evolution at my previous job because of its exchange support, but it did not work with their email server. It did work with our university mail though. It required installing the ews plugin anyway and was generally a pain to setup. So even when we have had evolution pre-installed, it was still not exactly out of the box exchange support.

On the other hand, my current work uses Google services and works like charm with gnome. Log in once, and you have Google drive integration, email in geary and calendars in gnome calendar.

Oh good to know.. i never used exchange so i'm not the man for asking.. I always understand all are already fine.. ok for next cycle we can change it for sure..

To be clear, evolution is still the best free exchange support on Linux. Its just that the best is not very good in this case.

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Ste74, I think it would be a good idea to reconsider. Personally, I've never used Evolution, except to try it briefly a few years ago. I don't need a PIM.

I use evolution and exchange for work, and usually like it.

However, since the last stable update (this morning), I'm having a TLS handshake error, invalid TLS... It seems it's due to an old TLS version on the server.

I'm using a workaround right now, launching it with:
and it seems to work...

Is there a way to solve this problem in a better way (pending that the IT department updates their server)?

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