Removing Deepin - LOTS of dependancy error warnings

Installed deepin to evaluate and didn't like it. I've uninstalled as much as I can that didn't generate dependency warnings but remaining ones give out dependency cycle errors like the one included. How in the world can I get rid of these packages. I blacklisted them a long time ago so they haven't been updated. I need to get rid of them. I'm pretty sure they are the cause of some issues like my cinnamon crashing and requiring a restart from the popup message screen, and lightdm becomes totally unresponsive ... (both easy solutions but annoying). I didn't experience either one of these when I was just using cinnamon.

This is the reason I often caution new Manjaro users against installing multiple desktops. Unless you know exactly what you are doing this can result in many issues that can be subtle and hard to diagnose or very serious.

My advice to new Manjaro users is to be sure to make backups before you ever consider installing multiple desktops. If you then decide you don't like the result you can roll your system back to before your system was changed.

Don't end up getting caught with a messed system without any backup you can restore. 90% of the help requests on the forum would be eliminated if users were making proper backups.

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Use a terminal:

sudo pacman -R deepin deepin-extra

You get better error messages and better control over error handling.

I long for the days when distros shipped with muli-desktops installed. Made evaluating them much easier. I would like to just FORCE this s**t off my system because I'll never use it but think it could really mess up my cinnamon DT... (forked from gnome I think)... doesn't matter... I partition my system onto 4 drives so I can change distro or reinstall and not have to format the home drive... I realize there are issues with these options too but it's relatively easy to overcome compared to this dependency hell caused by deepin. Thanks for taking time to engage this issue... I appreciate it.

Yup, tried that too... not much help. Think it was able to remove maybe two more packages but still a bunch left over...

thanks for taking time to give me a hand... i appreciate it..

Such as?

pacman -Qs deepin

Will return anything installed with deepin in it.

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