Removing bad sectors

Hello i bad sectors on my disk, are there some program what allow to virtually remove damaged on windows like victoria
are there program on manjaro with same function?

Hi @ThEncanted,

Sorry to say this, but if it’s true

Replace that harddrive!

And quickly.

AFAIK, “Removing” the bad sectors doesn’t really remove them, it just hides them and make them unusable.

Which is a really bad idea, because out of sight, out of mind, and the chances that you forget about it are that much greater and can cause you data loss.


There is gparted. You can check a drive there, but you need to unmount it. And if you want check your running system, you need to unmount it. Not sure if that works, i only did it with drives, what are not used at the moment.
You also can do it at the your terminal at a reboot, stop lightdm or your display manager with

sudo systemctl stop lightdm.service

then umount the drive and partitions you want to check with

sudo  fsck /dev/sda1(sdb)(sdc)

depending on your harddrive. You need to specify the partiton, you want to check.

Just dont do it on ntfs systems.
You also should try smartmontools and run a test over your harddrive, how the health status is.

Sometimes, bad sectors happen, when a hdd gets a hit, sometimes its a mechanical or electronical failure. At the 2 last cases, it can happen, that your hdd suddenly dies at the next moment.

I’ve also seen it while it lasted years afterward. Very unfortunately, there’s no sure way to know…

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Very true. I had a hdd, what was really not in good shape, had couple of bad sectors, which i did fix with certain programs. Then it did run for a year or two more, without having any errors or problems again. But then suddenly, it was gone from one day to another without any warnings.
A friend did do some experiments with other hdd’s and replaced the electronic and brought some back to life again. But i also had others, where the lever with the heads inside simple stucked at one spot.

Such an event did cost me some money. This only happens once. Then you learn your lesson

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