Removed dkms module automatically rebuilds on kernel upgrade

I have a dkms module that I installed manually by using the dkms install commmand.

Although I used dkms remove module_name/version --all it is rebuilt every time I upgrade my kernels via pacman.

Is there a place were pacman registers kernel modules intended for rebuilding? How can I remove it permanently?

Hi @AnotherStateOfMatter,

I have absolutely no idea if this will work, or not.

Do you have more than one kernel installed? If so, did you uninstall that dkms module on all of them?

Once again, I don’t know if that’ll even work, but it is worth a shot.

Sry for the late reply.

Yes I have two kernels installed 5.10 and 5.11. I thought the --all flag is used to uninstall the dkms module for all kernels. When I checked with dkms status it did not list that specific version of the module for any kernel until upgrading via pacman, which rebuilt the module.

Maybe I should add that I wish to keep the module in question but have to get rid of an old version of said module.

I use version 0.0.7 of that module daily but every kernel update builds version 0.0.6 and 0.0.7 of that module.

Hi @AnotherStateOfMatter,

I don’t know if this’ll work, but it might be worth a shot. Look at the IgnorePkg= field in /etc/pacman.conf. I don’t know if it works with Package versions as well, but it might.

Hope this helps!

I encounter the same error. Removed 2 dkms modules always get reinstalled/rebuilt after kernel update.