Removed catfish package but still nonfunctional search button is appearing in desktop when i right click

I have uninstalled catfish package and i want to customize how my menu list is appearing in the desktop when i do mouse right click.
I still see a search button which is non responsive when i click after removing catfish package. Anyway to remove the search button from the desktop menu list ?

Right-click on the menu icon (lower left on desktop) and choose “Edit applications.” You should be able to customize your desktop menu there.

Thanks for your response . I can able to remove the search from application menu list but not in the list which is appearing when i right click on the desktop. Is there is any way to customize the list of items which is displayed in desktop right click menu ?

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To get rid of the entry in the right-click menu in the desktop (but also in Thunar file manager), open Thunar and from the main menu select Edit → Configure custom actions.

In the window that opens select the option referring to Catfish (probably named “Search” or something similar) and delete it using the button on the right side of the window.

To see the changes in your desktop (and in Thunar) you have to logout/login.

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Thanks. Appreciate your response. Your suggestion worked :slightly_smiling_face:

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