Remove or reset an application with no previous footprints in manjaro

I want to know is there any method to uninstall an application with no previous footprints as I am not able to do this with normal command pacman -Rs . when I uninstall the mozilla firefox browser and reinstall it my search previous search history still exist there while typing a URL . I also tried to delete the .mozilla directory under the user home directory but no result. please guide me any solution for this.

OK. I will type this again…

pacman will not touch the user home folder.
It shouldnt.

Also … your example leaves out the n flag for ‘no-save’ … which for your purposes is incorrect.

So … use -Rns … and then … be responsible for your own stuff in HOME, such as ~/.mozilla


Pacman never touches a users home directory. When you remove an installed program, it will only remove the files it installed.

Firefox stores profiles and such in ~/.mozilla/ and it’s cache in ~/.cache/mozilla/. If you have Firefox Sync enabled, it may have started syncing data on the server after you deleted ~/.mozilla/.

thank you for reply ! so you mean pacman -Rsn package_name will completely remove the an application which I am suppose to uninstall . what if I just want to reset my application is there any command for that also . thank you for your time …

Yes, besides your HOME.

Which ties into your second question …

Thats pretty much deleting the files/directories in the user HOME.

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See man pacman:

-R, --remove
Remove package(s) from the system. Groups can also be specified to
be removed, in which case every package in that group will be
removed. Files belonging to the specified package will be deleted,
and the database will be updated. Most configuration files will be
saved with a .pacsave extension unless the --nosave option is used.
See Remove Options below.

-n, --nosave
Instructs pacman to ignore file backup designations. Normally, when
a file is removed from the system, the database is checked to see
if the file should be renamed with a .pacsave extension.

-s, --recursive
Remove each target specified including all of their dependencies,
provided that (A) they are not required by other packages; and (B)
they were not explicitly installed by the user. This operation is
recursive and analogous to a backwards --sync operation, and it
helps keep a clean system without orphans. If you want to omit
condition (B), pass this option twice.

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