Remove KDE plasma without fresh install

I have two desktop environments, KDE Plasma which I installed with the OS and a configured bspwm I use as main. The thing is that I want to uninstall KDE for xfce for example for the low use of memory (I sometimes still have to use this type of DE for programs that doesn’t work nice on bspwm). Can I do this without a fresh-install and loose my bspwm + others like polybar, etc. personally configured? Anyway I aim to migrate to i3 or OpenBox, but at the moment I don’t have time to configure another DE from the beginning.

The how goes almost both ways, to install or remove, paying attention to the group of each DE and /etc/skel/ files provided by each manjaro-DE-settings that need to be then placed inside the /home/user … where DE can be kde or xfce or gnome. With some hints from here Install Desktop Environments - Manjaro you should be able to do that.

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Thanks a lot.