Remove hplip completely

I don’t have a printer on my computer and never will. That’s why I want to remove hplip completely, because I don’t want to have this service always running in the background, even though it’s not being used (I’ve already disabled it in the settings, but that’s not enough for me). Is a sudo -R hplip enough, or do I have to do more?

Do this:

sudo pacman -R hplip --print

This will output exactly what will be removed. Review and make your choices accordingly.

Note: use -Rs to remove hplip dependencies as well.


thx @merlock :+1:t2:

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If I run

sudo pacman -R hplip --print

I get

error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
:: removing hplip breaks dependency ‘hplip’ required by manjaro-printer


Pretty straight forward.

In your case, you can’t simply remove hplip, because it is a hard dependency of manjaro-printer.

If you still want to remove hplip, do:

sudo pacman -Rs manjaro-printer --print

Evaluate the results for your situation. If you decide to proceed, simply remove the --print flag.

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I was able to remove hplip successfully.

Use the pamac gui, search for hplip and mark it is as explicitly installed. Then when you remove the package it won’t remove things like manjaro-printer, cups, etc.

However, take note because it may remove some things you do want to keep. Either mark those packages as explicitly installed or reinstall them after removing hplip.

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