Remove files from botched install of ungoogled-chromium

Hello everyone,

Sorry that I sound like a noob. It’s because I am.

I was looking for a new browser and found ungoogled-chromium on the forum. I started the installation process using add/remove program to built it. I saw someone said that it took them 4 hours to built it. My poor 10 year old laptop with i3 M 330 processor was still working on it after 24 hours so I decided to give up. I just closed the add/remove program and restarted the system.

My question is how to remove the built files? I don’t see ungoogled-chromium in the programs (which makes sense because I stopped it in the middle). Do I need to remove those unused files?

Thank you.

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Hello @fobster :wink:

Open a terminal and type:

pamac clean --build-files

Or open the pamac-manager, search for ungoogled-chromium, open it, switch to build files and click on reset build files.

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Thank you for the reply.

I am trying to learn manjaro so I can be less helpless in the future. Since I don’t know all the pacman commands, I tend to use the GUI tools. I opened pamac-manager and searched for ungoogle-chromium but I only see “Build” as the option. I opened preferences and found “clean build files” under AUR tab. Is that the same thing?

Yes :wink:

Got it!

Thank you for your help.

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