Remote Control Arm i3 to Arm xfce


My uncle’s 13 year old pc has finally gone “pop”. (Windows 7).

I have bought him a Ras Pi 4 8Gb.

I am going to put Manjaro xfce on it ( I have used that a lot but now use i3 ).

I would like to ask you all for some advice, if you have the time, on the following :

What is the simplest way for me to remote control into his RasPi?

( Has to be very easy at his end, he is 81 and not very good with technology ).




For the windows devices I use ultravnc.

For the linux os I use krfb and krdc, both kde software, user friendly, auto start on boot…

No problem to control windows with linux and vice versa.

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Thanks, I will go and check out krfb and krdc. :+1:

You’re welcome, find below some help

krfb example config (share the desktop)

krdc (view and control the share desktop) example config with krfb

And you’ll also need to set up a VPN to his router to get into his network (unless he lives in the same house as you). (It’s a function the router needs to provide, so off-topic here…)