Remmina / RDP - Full on Frozen / Lockup

So, I have two computers that I use on a regular basis. My main computer runs Manjaro, and my secondary computer runs Windows 11. My secondary computer is headless, so I have to “remote” into it.

I use Remmina on Manjaro to remote in, using RDP “Remote Desktop Protocol.”

Sometimes, and it seems “at random,” the RDP will lock-up and/or freeze, garble the screen with “digital jazz, man,” and then I have no choice but to reboot my main computer.

It locks up so bad, that I can’t move out of the application, or even open up a terminal. I have even tried "CTRL+ALT+F2(F3, F4, F5, Etc) to open a terminal and reboot, but it doesn’t work either.

Anyone know what’s causing Remmina, or RDP, or my Main computer to freeze up at random? What information can I provide to assist with this?