Remmina after GNOME 43 update

Remmina doesn’t start after GNOME 43 update

libsoup-ERROR **: libsoup2 symbols detected. Using libsoup2 and libsoup3 in the same process is not supported.

This bug report indicates it is a problem with the spice plugin. Since spice-gtk is already using libsoup3 and I didn’t want to remove spice-gtk, I simply reinstalled Remmina without the spice plugin.

The spice plugin is installed to /usr/lib/remmina/plugins/ . Since it is a single file it can be removed or better added to NoExtract so it will not be installed with pacman.

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Seems that Merge request Multiple changes to build and run with libsoup 3.0 (!2431) · Merge requests · Remmina / Remmina · GitLab needs to been backported to the current stable version of Remmina @Yochanan

remmina 1:1.4.27-4 is now available in the unstable branch that should fix the issue.