Remix OS - Android for PC?

i see that its discountinued, but
has anyone tried it? was it a good idea ?

made by 3 ex-google employees, its basically android for pc, and can run android apps…
opinions pls

tried it on both metal and vm and couldnt get it working properly, i wanted it for playing android games on pc but neither remixos or any of the others like it would work properly.


Currently this seems alive


yeah, and that is older/before RemixOS

and theres also PhoenixOS, kinda

im interested in the concept, using android apps on a pc

so was i, until i finally gave up and found my way out of the rabbit hole. phoenixos had the same result when i tried it. maybe it would work for you, dont let me discourage you

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Anbox has promise, but is still in alpha and has issues. It’s available in the AUR or Snap.

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i did get anbox to work, but barely. uninstalled not long after. i like the idea of it though

There’s also PrimeOS and BlissOS

Anyway, base android-x86 is vastly better now afaik, with respect to its not-even-up-to-phone-standards days.


RemixOS was a distribution of android-x86, i tried first RemixOS but couldn’t get it working all together, not even the installer would run properly, so i used android-x86 and it ran perfectly, the only downside you get with android-x86 is that you can’t rotate apps for desktop monitors, which was something RemixOS fixed supposedly, just because it had window management, but you can fix it running third party apps. I recommend a lot android-x86 because it can run anywhere, no performance loss.

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I mean, especially since you really need the bleeding-edge stuff there for the moment, to get amd cards (all of them) working (and also some VM acceleration)

Tested before it went out, quite good and very desktop like but that’s it. There are two newer attempts approaching the same goal: PhoenixOS and PrimeOS, but both are a bit behind their base source: Android-x86. Both are of course more featureful with desktop experience and built-in keymapping for a lot of games so you can, for instance, play PUBG using keyboard and/or mouse.

@Potato @leledumbo @mirh
im sorry i havent downloaded it 2 weeks ago when the website was still up, to give it a run

and come to think about it, there used to other similar projects … Papyros and Hawaii which are now discontinued but live on under the name Liri OS, and its based on Arch :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I tried RemixOS a couple months ago, was hell to get it to run without another issue popping up. Once I finally did get it running though, I did think it was a unique experience. It had its own native, non configurable, window manager and you can resize each app exactly as if you would with Linux. You could snap 2 apps side by dragging the app to the edge of the screen to multitask. Even though I had the pleasurable experiences, it did not take long before I had enough. I still would’ve chose any basic android device over the OS… maybe it was mainly due to the project still being under development at the time, but I just couldn’t shake the feeling that it didn’t feel right. It felt so out of place IMO. Anyone seeking an android gaming OS would most likely benefit the most from my experience.

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No better time than now to test it.

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Upgrading my 8.1-rc2 now.

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