Remapping middle mouse button

I am a brand new user and was trying to turn off middle mouse emulation without realizing it could be done in settings. Followed a post via google which ended up just remapping the middle mouse button instead by using xmodmap. I can’t figure out how to undo this and was wondering if anyone could assist me?

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First of all, you haven’t told us what desktop environment you’re using, and if you want any kind of useful help, then remember that the quality of the help you’ll get is only on par with the quality of the information you provide. Therefore, please take out the time to read the post below. :arrow_down:

The above said, if you want to turn off middle mouse button emulation ─ which is what you seem to be asking about ─ and you’re running KDE Plasma as your desktop, then enter the System Settings and navigate to… :arrow_down:

Hardware → Input Devices → Mouse

You’ll see a checkbox labeled “Press left and right buttons for middle-click”.

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