Reluctance of a few people

Nothing related directly to Manjaro, just my inner feelings.
I personally love Manjaro, its philosophy and how it works. And also got a friend to use it.
But to my surprise, not even a week has passed and he returned to Windows today!!!
I asked him the problems and told to post it in the forum!!
But sheer reluctance and expecting everything to just work (which Windows also can’t do). He didn’t even post in the forum.
All my counselling in vain :face_with_thermometer:

You can lead a horse to the water, but you cannot make it drink.



Of course they think it should “just work”. Linux is a big learning curve. Some can’t grasp it, while others just want to get their hands (and other body parts) dirty.

Did he ever ask you for help?

So are Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS if you’ve never used them before. :wink:


Yes, once or twice regarding some appearance settings in KDE. This time he had an issue regarding screen brightness and I told him that the forum is the right place for problems as there are many experts sitting there :slightly_smiling_face:. But, guess what, straight to windows!

Well, yes, Aragorn, but most schools/libraries use either MAC or Windows, so they are used to it. They never had to configure anything, it just “works”

it’s true that some people are just not interested in the uniqueness and making linux whatever you want it to be for you whereas microsoft and mac has always been the same I left windows myself this year and will never go back ever. I am on linux cinnamn mint whcih is awesome for beginners and I am looking for a manjaro that will work for my computers

Did he want to leave Windows to begin with?

Of course he did, he was “bored” with inconsistencies and looks and sluggishness of Windoze.

Maybe he wasn’t motivated enough. Reluctance to change is nothing new.
He might make the switch after growing his interest by himself.


Maybe Manjaro was the wrong distro for him. If he’s new to Linux, I’d start him with Linux Mint Cinnamon.

It looks “like” Windows, but 100% more configurable.

That was his own first personal choice :slightly_smiling_face:, quit that in a day.

I do sincerely hope so.

You have a reason for that one?

“Too heavy, slow and not modern”

Because somebody else set it up for them. The thing with GNU/Linux is that it’s not a commercial platform and it doesn’t come bundled with the computer, or at least, not in most cases, because Manjaro does of course come preinstalled on Manjaro-branded hardware ─ e.g. Pinebook Pro and Pinephone. And some other hardware manufacturers are offering or have in the past offered GNU/Linux on their systems ─ e.g. Dell, IBM, Lenovo, et al.

Still, in most cases, x86-64 hardware comes preinstalled with Microsoft Windows due to Microsoft’s licensing policy, which makes it very expensive for hardware manufacturers to offer computers with another operating system than Windows, or without any operating system at all.

As such, most people buy a machine that came preinstalled with Microsoft Windows, or a Mac, which does of course also come with its own operating system.

That was Microsoft’s intent all along when Bill Gates and then later Steve Ballmer were running the company. Apple offered both the hardware and the OS, but the x86 platform was open and Microsoft didn’t have any hardware of their own, which is why they seized control of the x86 market through their bundle sales.

And they’ve made a lot more money from that ─ and still are ─ than from separately sold full Windows licenses; if it were purely down to the over-the-counter sale of full Windows licenses, Microsoft would have been bankrupt by now, because only very few people actually consciously choose Microsoft. And for good reason. :stuck_out_tongue:


What is he on, a Pentium 4 computer? And “not modern”, really? Mint is fresh and new.

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Maybe he really wants Hannah Montana Linux. :stuck_out_tongue:

Out of context, what does this :point_up_2: mean? :sweat_smile:

Your friend needs a fun os :wink: Holywood / DEX-ui / Movie OS