Release 202109170303 does not even boot

I just downloaded Release 202109170303 image from: Releases · manjaro-pinephone/phosh-dev · GitHub

I have a black screen with a blinking curser
I am running the latest (aug. 2021) pinephone community edition with 3 gigs ram

I downloaded the image, verified the shasum, xz -d, then dd if=Manjaro… of=/dev/sdb (my card microsd card), waited to eject it until manjaro said the write was done, installed it to pinephone, watched it try to boot. Saw blinking curser, curser disappears and then comes back blinking (appears to be in a boot loop of sorts?)

some time ago i stumbled upon the same issue, and found that it just takes some time. Let the phone sit for some minutes at the blinking cursor and it should boot if the issue is the same as i had.