Reintegration of FAudio?


I saw that Arch Linux migrated faudio and lib32-faudio into AUR.
I know you don’t want to deviate too much from Arch Linux.
But would it be possible to reintegrate the faudio and lib32-faudio libraries because for versions older than Wine 6.20 FAudio is not supplied with it.

Wine 6.20 have introduces a PE version of Faudio (XAudio) so we can assume that Faudio is not necessary with new version of Wine but for older is needed.
I think is important to keep compatibility for games & gamers.

I can also help maintain packages as needed on your gitlab.

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Since Manjaro ships with Wine 9.8, it would seem a bit odd to be to integrate an AUR package for support of <6.20. I would expect it to be relatively uncommon that a newer version of Wine would break an older application (and if that happens that’s worth a bug report to Wine).

There is also a few prerequisites to make this necessary: you’ve installed an older version of Wine (already meaning you’ve deviated from Manjaro’s packages; or you’re using Proton in which case I think they handle faudio differently if my reading is correct), you’re running a program that requires faudio, and you’ve hit a bug that’s present in every version of Wine 6.20 or newer.

Do you have a specific use case in mind here?

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It is not uncommon for new versions of wine not to support certain games or the fact that there are several versions.
Coming back to my initial request, faudio has just been deleted from the manjaro repositories, this is a very recent action.
It would be good not to create dependent OS while maintaining a minimum of support, especially when it comes to games.

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Package faudio was previously inherited from Arch but Arch dropped package to AUR 2024-03-19
so package was also dropped from Manjaro recently

Manjaro 2024-05-13 Stable Update ($1014) · Snippets · GitLab

:: Different sync package(s) in repository extra x86_64
                            PACKAGE           2024-03-13           2024-05-13

                            faudio              24.03-1                    -

Which games do you require a vintage WINE for?

Where are you getting this vintage WINE from?

Why do you think Manjaro Team should duplicate effort maintaining packages in addition to AUR maintainer?

I’m not for/against the initial request about adding FAudio back to Manjaro, but what I read is, grossly summarized, User uses out of repo WINE, and since FAudio is removed from the repo, it creates issues with the out of repo WINE. I guess since you’re adding out of repo WINE to your system, you should also add “out of repo XXX” if your out of repo WINE requires it. Manjaro shouldn’t have to add something to support your use case. Unless it is a popular demand or necessary demand for global better support of “gaming”, and the team is OK with it, I don’t see that happening.

I would recommend bottles for such cases. It lets you choose wine engine and mods, so it can run older wine versions and still be supported.
What you want, will never ever happen. Manjaro is a rolling release, focused on newer versions. It is based on arch with some mods, but the core is arch. And it is hopefully never said it is a gaming optimised OS. 3 reasons not to happen.

Proton, Steam, Playonlinux are your top choices. Bottles if you want to do it alone.

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Nothing in the repos requires it. Won’t implement.

Gamers should be using Proton or Lutris Wine. They’re self-contained runtimes and normally do not need external dependencies.