Reinstalling kernel after removing

Hi, I was running into an issue where when my computer would sleep it would not “wake up” but fans on pc would spin and lights would turn on. I looked into it and someone said it involved something with the kernel so i decided to just switch to an older version. After installing an older version (linux59 i believe) and the progress pop up showing it was completed I removed the version I was using at the moment. Then I reinstalled to see if the changes went through but my grub no longer showed Manjaro.

I tried chrooting into the manjaro partition from a usb and installing the kernel from there but nothing changed. Any help would be appreciated, I finally had my entire dual boot system set up with the things I needed and would rather not go through the hassle of reinstalling/troubleshooting a fresh manjaro install over again.

How did you install linux59? If it wasn’t via mhwd you may have to update-grub


will refuse to let you remove the running kernel
You can install a new one, reboot the system with this new one, then you can remove the previous one.

pacman will let you do that, though

This probably happened in a slightly different way than what I understand from what I read here.

How did you do that?
Was the chroot successful?
What did you do to install a new kernel?
I just discovered - in a VM - that I couldn’t use mhwd-kernel to do that.
It always just said: “target not specified” and did nothing
In chroot I had to use pacman to remove and install a kernel.
… and it worked