Reinstall or not (KDE 19/20)

I’m in the process of building a new KDE/Manjaro install. I distrohopped a lot but plan on staying on Manjaro.
Since KDE has a massive update coming up, I was wondering if it would be better to reinstall Manjaro with this new KDE version when it has landed in stable, or just keep on building and then update to this version. Do you think it makes a difference in stability? If reinstalling is advices, I just slow down and wait a little :slight_smile:

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Manjaro is a curated rolling-release distribution, so updating to Plasma 5.20 ─ once it enters Stable, because right now it’s still in the Testing branch ─ should be effortless.

The point of a rolling-release distribution is that you never have to reinstall. All you have to do is keep your system updated whenever updates are pushed out. :wink:


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