Reinstall of KDE Plasma

I did something to lose anti-aliasing of fonts on Plasma-5.21. Smooth fonts is checked, so I was wondering, is there a way to “re-install” Plasma? Other than hunting down all of the packages installed and either removing them or re-installing over them.

Maybe something like:
$ pacman -S plasma-desktop-meta

Not knowing exactly what you did for the change if the change occurred while in the DE it should be some where in your home directory which would not be erased with installing new packages. Now if you made the change with the files on the system then it would be a different story.

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I was in the DE. But I also installed libreoffice-still and removed libreoffice-fresh.

I deleted many files and directories in .config and .local.

The fonts do not seem to be as smooth, but it is a black/dark area around the fonts that make it stand out. Looks worse from some angles than others. It is possible it is the monitor but it looks anti-aliasing or maybe the compisitor? I even see black around the “bouncing icons” when you launch an app.

I was clicking around on global theme stuff (while libreoffice was installing) when I noticed this. So for what I did? Who knows.

Edit: Ah, it seems it was a monitor setting.

It may help someone else in future if you mention which monitor setting it was.

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The monitor I am using is a 4K TV/Monitor. Switching the picture mode to Movie mode eliminates the blackish outline I was seeing from around and in between text and other screen widgets. It seems to smooth the color differences.

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