Reinstall i3 grub theme after grub re-install

After a somewhat botched install of Win 10 after Manjaro i3 I had to re-install grub using chroot. Grub is working fine now for both OS’s but I have lost the lovely i3 grub theme and get some errors about missing theme files.

Can anyone tell me what theme is used for grub in the latest i3 community distro and how I can get it back into the grub page?


Check if you have grub-theme-manjaro installed - if not:
sudo pacman -S grub-theme-manjaro

Then set theme in /etc/default/grub under GRUB_THEME:

Finally do the usual
sudo update-grub

Enjoy! (I hope)

PS: Backups are your friend :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks, that worked perfectly.

Yes I did have a full image backup of my system had the Win10 install failed. Nice to have the grub theme back though…

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