Regarding "floating preview" feature in dolphin, theme settings and personalized desktop wall paper

Issue 1:
Whenever i hover mouse over file in dolphin, this will pop out.
I don’t remember where did i enabled the setting last time, but now i felt it is very annoying (because it blocks the view of other files name when i am browsing for file ).
I want it to either be disabled or make it stay shorter time (if got this setting).
I have browser thru setting in dolphin, and all of system setting… i can’t find anywhere it is to be disabled or modified.

How to personalize wall paper and theme related ? So that when manjaro releases upgrades again in near future, all my preferred setting will retain.
Last time i have once set my desktop and theme, but after upgrade, everything changed, even my login display changed (i have experienced similar thing in endeavor linux too)…
Take konsole as example: when i changed the settings, rename the setting file and make it as default, then sub-sequence upgrade won’t causes my konsole to change to other settings (that was what i have being told).
So, i believe the same with theme, desktop , wall paper , there shld somehow i can personalize it , rename it and make it as default (instead of “default” as default), because “default” will change when upgrade (i have experience several times after upgrade, wall paper changed, window frame color changed…).
I have searched “configure desktop & wall paper” and every stones in system settings, can’t find anywhere to save my personalized wall paper & theme to my /home folder (to prevent changes by future upgrade).
Help is appreciated. Thx

Open dolphin and go to hamburger menu at the top > config > config dolphin > general > behavior and uncheck “Show tooltips”. Relaunch dolphin.

How are you setting those? Go to System settings > appearance and change theme related stuff there. For wallpaper you can simply right click on the desktop > config desktop and wallpaper change/add wallpaper.

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Hi @andrewysk,

About #1 I can’t help you, sorry.

About #2:

AFAIK you can set it under ~/.config/ for personal stuff. As I understand it, the folder structure should just be identical to the main system’s, from the / directory. For example, /a file in /etc/something/some.file will be overridden by a user file in the user’s ~/.config/etc/something/some.file. But I’ve never had to use it, so can not confirm it.

Very Important:

Customization changes should not be made in anywhere other than your home directory, as I think you know/realize. Use the DE’s customization features, rather than changing anything outside of $HOME.

Thx for the info.
I know anything inside /home is user space.
But i dont know to customize theme and wall paper stuff… which file is it in / that i should copy into my user space for customization.
You don’t have this wall paper changed after upgrade with manjaro ? i experienced many times before. Even window decoration changed on me before.

Thanks, the dolphin tooltips works. Never thought that thing is called “tooltips” in fact it is Nothing todo with tool at all. Funny naming.

As for the wall paper and theme, i know where to change it. i have changed them before, but after upgrade, they were changed to something else… i want to prevent such thing from happening. hence i was asking is there something i can do about it.
@Mirdarthos suggested that i can create a customized file in my /home/.config/someConfigFileName.something , because usually customization in /home folder takes priority. But the problem is i don’t know which file to copy into this folder.

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