Regarding Flatpaks (or alternatives as Appimages )

Since Manjaro Integrated this new feature i was happy and kindda confused because I had some doubts about it which are as follow.

  1. Aint manjaro Arch based? we get updates like within 10 days max on stable channel. whats need for flatpak then?
  2. Shared library is something where no-one can argue Linux kills it !! Microsoft just sucks over here, So why are we moving a step backward using flatpaks and Appimages?
  3. I understand that many people would suggest that its for developers to be at ease, they have to package just for flatpak which would be distributed to all other distribution , This would mean stable core system over which flatpaks runs uptodate apps. But again its true for distributions like Ubuntu , and secondly if we are gonna follow flatpak model will our package manager be replaced with it? I see no distribution doing it.
  4. I have always preferred AUR as a better option do you think flatpak is better alternative? I personally cant tell , I am very much confused over it , :frowning:
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I believe the debate has been done already. You may find the thread if you search a bit.
Usual packages won't go away. So if you don't like it, don't use it. :tropical_drink:

The problem is I dont understand it , I used AUR spotify and flatpak both looked good , I just dont understand what's difference !!!

Developers are the major populations benefit from such format. They don't need to consider adapting their applications to various distros. Thus, it can attract more developers developing applications for Linux in general.
Besides, separating application-dependent libraries from the base system is actually not a bad idea. It can almost guarantee that an update of the system libraries will not cause weird behaviours to specific applications.


Yes that might be a case even though rare! Flatpak seems nice, will try using it

I quite like the concept of Appimages (more so than Flatpaks), having the entire application in a single, portable file. Just download it, make it executable, double-click it and it runs.

It is good for trying out different software without installing it, and for those rare situations when you want to have more than one version of some application. Another situation in which Appimages make life simper is when you have very limited disk space on the root partition and want to keep the whole application elsewhere.

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