Refreshing database and bandwidth

Hi, I am new to Linux. Yesterday I saw my bandwidth usage for the day was disproportionately high. I know I clicked Refresh Databases on Pamac, so my question is could refreshing databases consume 13 GB of data?

Thank you for your advice.

Hello @newtolinux and welcome :wink:

No, if you force refresh the database, then it downloads the whole database which is about ~70MB.

You can check this folder (it is a terminal command):

du -hs /var/tmp/pamac/dbs/sync  

The rest must be an enormous big update of your system. Usually it is about 1 or 2GB monthly. But it depends on what you have installed with pamac.

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Thank you, megavolt.

So it was 55MB.

I appreciate you taking the time to help me.

And that’s it? You opened a thread because of mysteriously consumed 13GB of data, and you’re done now you know updating packages database doesn’t consume much bandwidth?

On a side note watching videos online consume A LOT of data, it goes fast. For sure 13GB of data is not small so if you’re not using your connection, maybe someone else is, I would investigate a little at least.

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