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I’ve recently started using Linux, and my DE has two activities currently available - the default one and the secondary (which I just made).
So when I switch between activities, my current application window looses focus, but after switching the last active application window doesn’t refocus.
Thank you.

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That is normal behavior…
May i ask why you use a separate activity instead of another desktop?
Fe. I use 2 desktops (one under the other) instead of an activity…

(Yes i know what the purpose of Activities is, i just want to make sure you are using it for it’s intended purpose) :wink:

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That’s a really good question. Well to be honest I don’t know why.

And after reading your reply I deleted my activity and made a secondary desktop and added a global shortcut.

But if you do want to tell me what the intended purpose is for the desktop and the activities are, please do reply.

Well actually I do know now - why I was using Activities instead of desktops and it’s because:
when I was using Win8.1 and Win10, I used to use Ctrl+Tab to change Application tabs, Alt+Tab to change Application, and Start/Meta + Tab to change desktop.

And after I started using Manjaro everything was similar except Meta+Tab, cause it was changing activity instead of desktop - which I thought was the Manjaro version of changing desktop, and the activity changing panel also had the “+” sign to add more activity on the go just like windows.

So I didn’t know that the Desktops existed beside Activities until now.

Thank you.

As the name implies it is used to group stuff related to things you do and want to keep track of as a group.
(These activities have same amount of Desktops)

For example:

  1. You want to group together stuff you do related to a problem:
    • Have a browser window open, including it’s tabs, with the Manjaro forums.
    • Maybe have a messaging app like discord open.
    • Have a terminal open to perform some commands.
  2. Have some games open in their own Desktops.
  3. Some other tasks you want to group together.

Now when you are on Activity (1):

  • You will see only those apps that are in that activity.
  • You can easily switch between them using ALT+TAB.
  • You won’t get the other apps, from the other activities, in the switch listing.

You can switch between Activities using Meta(Win-key) + TAB.

So it’s like being loged into the GUI separate times with it’s own desktop’s and backgrounds.


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Thanks, Bud.


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