Reference managment for research papers

On Windows, I used Mendeley Desktop with MS Word add-on integration and Web-integration. Is there something similar on linux?
I see mendely reference manager, mendelydesktop, mendeleydesktop-bundled in AUR, but is there an integration with a word processor?

I guess you’ll have to try and see by yourself, this is very specific program, not many people may use it here so better save you some time and test.

Go to each package AUR page and also read description, comments, so you can know more about each package and see in advance if there are issues (and solutions). That’s a general comment about any AUR package actually, but I recommend you do it as apparently there was some issue with the desktop application.


There is a plugin for Libre Office:

Didn’t know that, thanks.

I also tried MS Word Online with Mendeley Cite add-on and surprisingly works well. Didn’t have to install anything locally.