Reducing the size of the home-partition crashed

Hello all,

I am asking for help regarding a failed downsizing of the home partition using KDE partition manager.
Since I was a bit short on the / partition, I wanted to extend it with a live stick. For this purpose I reduced the size of the home partition a bit. Since I just had a Kubuntu stick, I did it with the KDE partition tool. In between the process crashed. Unfortunately I did not save the report then. When I reopened it from KDE partition management, it showed the partition as unformatted.
My question is now: Should I choose “Restore” or make the partition /home again in another way?

Thanks in advance

I don’t know what choosing “Restore” means - what it will do.
Since it was a live system, there can’t be any state information present to restore to some previous state.
If you know what it does - act on that knowledge.

I’d hope you have a backup, because it’s likely that at least some of your data will be shredded.

I meant the “Restore” in the partition manager. Logo, I have created a normal one and so nothing can be saved.
Unfortunately, I only have an old backup.
Entering fd -h does not show the partition at all.
Due to the fact that the downsizing took a long time, the power options in the live system has turned off the screen, which always hangs the system with me. These have with my notebook. But that something like this can also happen in the live system!

I know that you meant that - but do you know what it means? What “Restore” does or is supposed to do?
Probably not - same as me.

I just clicked on “Restore” in the partition manager. It asked for a corresponding file. Even if this would have been created automatically, it is lost when rebooting with stick without persisting space :frowning:

genau - Du hast also sehr wahrscheinlich nur noch Dein Backup.

Mit sehr viel Glück kannst Du womöglich die Partition wieder auf die alte Größe bringen ohne daß Daten verloren sind.
Wenn der Prozess des Hin- und herschiebens der Daten aber schon angefangen hatte ist wohl nicht mehr viel zu retten.

exactly - very likely the backup is the only thing you can now rely on

With lots of luck you can restore the partition to it’s original size without loosing data.
If the process of shuffling the data around had already begun there is likely not much left to save though.

Your Post is marked with XFCE ???

The partitionmanager for XFCE is gparted (and works flawlessly)
I never lost a byte (although I did a lot of stupid things)
(Die ganze Partitioniererei sollte abgeschaft werden ==> btrfs) :footprints:

this - and a quote is not enough, because a certain amount of my own words are needed for me to quote this quote, so: there :grinning:

Yes, because I have xfce I thought it is better to post it here.

Does it really make a difference?

That makes me hopeful. But your device probably didn’t start to shut down during these actions.

Search the forum and see yourself :wink: