Reddit /r/ManjaroLinux update


As we approach our six year anniversary on Reddit we have seen a huge increase in visitors.
217,091 in April! Averaging about 6,000 per day with over 13,000 subscribers.

It doesn't seem that long ago that I was happy when we were getting 6 visitors per day :slight_smile:

On the whole it has been a very friendly and helpful group of people. And the only banning I've had to do is of useless bots that seem to pop up on Reddit pretty regularly.

Come and take a look at


Can we get a banner up on there? It seems kind of .. barren? :wink:

(maybe this is still applicable for ?: then for the 'new' on its mod tools > open community appearance > open banner > upload ? )

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I would happily accept any offers to help with the look and feel of the page. I am pretty much useless at that kind of thing and even have CSS turned off for all subreddits.

If anyone would like to play around with making it look pretty we also have /r/ManjaroTesting where I can mod anyone that is interested. [EDIT: I just made the sub public, so if you got a message that it is private, try again]

Once everything is how you like it I can mod you at /r/ManjaroLinux and the configuration can be copied over.


I can make an image for a banner :slight_smile:

Last time when I saw reddit was when I created account :grin: but I can take a look how things works :slight_smile:

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Send me a message through /r/ManjaroTesting modmail and I will add you.

Thanks for the help!


I'm getting too old for this sh!t. :wink:


Where are the joy for ... if every "social" site use different proportions. :smiley: :wink:


I am to old or to stupid?,

They do not use the size of the guidelines :slight_smile:
from March 2018

Something changed in 2019? :wink:

That one is fine, I'm out :smiley:

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Glad to see that I am not the only person using :slight_smile:


Both the old and modern looks have been changed .. how does anyone feel about it ?

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Playing around but how I got this blue ( Banner? ) away or set my own?

Is it for "premium" use only :slight_smile:

ok , I am to "new" for /r


This is an important discussion that may be getting lost in a thread about Reddit. Should this be split to /c/meta or somewhere more appropriate?


Moved. Still learning the ropes, but that seems like a fit. :wink:

Have you had a chance to see the small, tentative, example redesign I threw up yesterday ?

( both and )


When I browse Reddit I use Firefox with CSS turned off, RES night mode, zoomed to 170% plus a bunch of security & privacy add-ons. So I don't really see any of your changes. I have no way to test it with a mobile device.

But this is what I see when I go in with Chromium. Not logged in & no add-ons:


.. but.. what you show is all changes.

The grey, the header, the button and font colors.

At least I can see it in your screeshot

I left a page open still showing the old way, so heres that :

(btw .. I was actually planning on adding a 'nightmode' for those of us so inclined ... )


The theme on could really do with some more contrast between the text and the background colour along the top bar, it is very hard to read.


Yes. And why not simply use


A lot of people prefer old Reddit and I don't blame them, it was definitely a nicer design style in terms of usability and seeing the content that you came for.


How about now?



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